We conduct research to understand the impact of early childhood programs on mothers and children. The primary focus of our research has been the home visitation-based Family Guidance program carried out within the scope of the “Urban95 Project” with the cooperation of four district municipalities in Istanbul. Home visits were made to 400 families in Beyoğlu, Maltepe, Sarıyer and Sultanbeyli districts during the  first 18 months before birth. Home visitors informed families living in disadvantaged neighborhoods on nutrition, postpartum stress and depression, and child development, along with supporting the development of children through activities and educational materials that strengthen mother-infant relationship. The data obtained at the end of the first year of the program show that mothers supported by home visits play with their children, sing songs and read books more often compared to mothers who did not participate in home visitation program. The results also revealed that infants who were in the program had higher scores in developmental screenings at age 1 years compared to infants not in the program. In addition, mothers who participated in the program reported that they felt more competent in their parenting role, and they were more likely to provide games and learning opportunities to support their children’s development at home. Our research studies are currently underway.