Early Childhood Programs

Home Visitation-Based Family Guidance Program

Family Guidance Program is a home visitation-based program, developed between 2017 and 2020 within the scope of İstanbul95 program. The aim of this program is to foster child development and enhance mother-child relationship through regular home visits that start in the prenatal period and continue throughout the first 3 years. The program targets families with children aged 0-3 years from low socioeconomic status.

The home visit program has four main purposes:

  1. To support maternal psychological well-being
  2. To increase mothers’ healthy feeding behaviors and promote healthy nutrition habits in the family
  3. To increase nurturing and cognitively stimulating caregiver-child interactions as a way of promoting early development and learning based on the adaptation of Reach Up and Learn: Early Childhood Parenting Program 
  4. To provide families with simple and inexpensive toys in order to increase the quantity and quality of stimuli necessary for child development in the early years

Currently, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Sarıyer District Municipality, Maltepe District Municipality, Sultanbeyli District Municipality, and İzmir Karşıyaka District Municipality implement this program.